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Power Plant Control, Electrical & Instrumentation Parts

OEM Manufactured items below POWERPAC, LLC can supply Competitively!

Flame Detectors/Scanners, (Reuter Stokes, Fireye, BF Goodrich, Edison, Vulcan, more)

Thermocouples, (All types and manufacturers)

Gauges, (Ashcroft, Wika, Dwyer, Midwest Instrument, Orange Research)

Meters, (Badger, Ernst, Fluke, more)

Motors, (GE, Siemens, Baldor, more)

Pressure & Temperature Sensors, (Danfoss, Omron, Crouzet, Honeywell, Watlow, others)

Relays, (GE, Westinghouse, others)

RTD Sensors,  (All types and manufacturers)

Spark Plug Assemblies and Leads, (Unison, Champion, others)

SPEEDTRONIC® Parts, (New, Re-manufactured, Obsolete)

BENTLY NEVADA® Parts, (New, Obsolete)

Other Control Cards,  (All types and manufacturers)

Transmitters, (Rosemount, Foxboro, Yokogawa, others)

Pressure Switches, (SQD, CSS, others)

Thermo-Switches,  (All types and manufacturers)

Vibration Sensors, (Metrix, others)

Cables,  (All types and manufacturers)

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